Saturday, October 6, 2007

Heroes Part 2 (Bonus Post)

One more Heroes commission finished this week. This is the last of them (I think)! I used some new materials this time -- some super-bright Dr. Martins India Ink that was really fun. The india inks are waterproof too, so I'll be experimenting more with that and mixing it with watercolor, etc. It was really interesting to layer the colors because they are mostly transparent so when I laid the yellow down and the magenta on top it all turned orange. Fun, but there's definitely a different (longer) thought process when inking to anticipate the effect of the next layer of color.


smoky man said...

well done Matt. I love yr style...

cheers from Italy

Chris Schweizer said...

These are all gorgeous, Matt. Usually, with things like these, I can pick a favorite out of the bunch, but no such luck here.