Sunday, September 30, 2007


I got a commission last week from Jesse Alexander -- one of the writers and producers of Heroes and Lost and Alias. Great guy and I had a fun time coming up with his paintings. He wanted Hiro, the Cheerleader and Peter from the Heroes TV show. The 3rd cover -- Hiro -- was my idea for a fun flashback issue to the 1940s where I imagine a Hiro from another timeline became a WWII sword-weilding hero that would help his future self out somehow in some sort of time-traveling brain bender story.


smoky man said...

Hi Matt,
great pieces for a great tv show!

a big Italian ciao from Sardinia
smoky man

PS.: hope that you remember me.Do you remember that 2003 Alan Moore tribute's book? ;)

Matt Kindt said...

Thanks! I just ran across that Alan Moore tribute book the other day (on my shelf) -- that was a fun book. Good to hear from you!

smoky man said...

yes, that was a fun book ;)

keep in touch

Cap'n Marrrrk said...