Wednesday, October 17, 2007

SPX Fun Time

Late on my post this week. I had a 13 hour drive home on Monday complicated by a flat tire so it took me a little longer to get back. But it was worth it over all. Sold out of all the copies of Super Spy at the show and sold some original art and other little things. It was the first time I have been to SPX and it really was one of the better conventions of the year. Nice "intimate" (small) space with tons of hand-made and silkscreened comics. Really fun to see it all. I also took the train up to D.C. and visited the Spy Museum. All photography was prohibited which seemed like more of a challenge then a rule, it being the Spy Museum and all, so I snuck a few super-secret photos -- one of James Bond's Aston Martin (that actually worked -- the guns popped out and shot, etc.) and a real Enigma Machine (also pictured). Also finished another commission this week -- a re-working of Amazing Fantasy #15 with the first appearance of Spider-Man.


Tim said...

hey matt!

Just finished Super Spy. Absolutely loved it... I was lucky in that I discovered 2 sisters fairly recently, caught up with your webisodes of Super Spy, and got my Kindt fix very soon with the release of Super Spy (imported all the way to the Philippines!) Thanks for your great work on both books!

In fact, your work has inspired me to get back to drawing again... I'm working on a short comic of my own, hopefully i'll get it into some cohesive form soon.

I have a bit of a noob question: as the artist-writer of your work, do you type out your scripts in advance panel-for-panel, the way comics writer-collaborators do with their artists, or do you have a general idea of how the action will play out, and discover it as you begin to draw the panels?

Matt Kindt said...

Good questions -- and thanks for the nice comments! I work a little differently on each project, but in general I start with a rough script -- it reads more like a screenplay with general action and dialogue. Then I go back through and draw lines in the "script" where I think a page would break. I'll try to post some script-to-finished page scans this week. Thanks!

mom of the year said...

Ah, a spy in a spy museum. You slay me! I should expect nothing less...

Tim said...

Here's hoping you're still posting script-to-finished page scans... would be interesting to see. =)

Just picked up a copy of Yellow Menace at my local store---looking forward to dipping into that soon.

Oh by the way, I'm reading Agent Zigzag---have you heard of that book? Check it out, it's really right up your alley. Well written so far, but I'm just getting to the good part.