Thursday, June 18, 2009

Heroes Con this weekend!

I'm going to be at Heroes Con this weekend and I'm really looking forward to it. There's a really nice crowd and a lot of creators that I'm a fan of will be there so it's doubly good. Also I'll be doing a LOT of commissions, so the time is going to fly by. If you are at the show, make sure you go to my panel on sunday at 1:30 for a discussion of Historical Comics and comics with a little history stuck in 'em. Jason Lutes and several others will also be talking. I can't wait.

Here is a scan of one of my commissions I'm doing in advance for Heroes Con. Classic Aquaman. I'm going to watercolor this today and I'll post the color version when it's done. Aquaman was one of my favorite costumes and probably the best set of under-oos I had as a kid because the green shorts and orange shirt actually felt like his costume. Spider-Man and some of the others didn't quite pull off the same effect but Aquaman was designed like a real costume.


Lord Spathington said...

That underoos set is classic.

Good luck this weekend!

Robert Ullman said...

I wore my Aquaman underoos with embarrassing frequency. Nice touch.