Saturday, May 30, 2009

Distinguished Competition

I've been inking a TON of pages the last couple of weeks -- breaking any kind of record I ever had before by inking 30 pages this week for a new book that will be out sometime in 2010. I can't announce the title or publisher or anything about it until they tell me I can. But it can't hurt to show one crazy page out of context for a story I'm not describing!

Also -- 3 Story: The Secret History of Giant Man is available now for pre-order HERE.

In addition to the full length graphic novel I'm doing two short stories that will appear in July and August on Dark Horse's myspace comics page. I've already written them both and inked the first one and started to paint it. Here are a few panels from the first story...this is what my original art looks like before I letter it and clean it up or add the background old-papery effects that I used on Super Spy and parts of 3 Story.

And finally...I did a short comic strip for a friend of mine that does a weekly strip called SubCulture. You can read my contribution here.


Anonymous said...

Distinguished competition, eh?
Sounds great.
I hope to see you at Mocca on Saturday.
-- Bruce

Jp Pollard said...

Wow- you just get better and better!!! Have a good time at MoCCA.

Kendall said...

I don't understand how you can have the patience for inking 30 pages, let alone an entire graphic novel. I usually get sick of inking a single page!

Matt Kindt said...

Thanks guys! Yeah -- 30 pages is a lot -- more than I hope I ever have to do again -- I was almost sick of comics last week! But only 'almost'.

You definitely have to enjoy the physical act of pushing ink around on paper. It's kind of an addictive process once you get into it. At least for me...

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt,

I sold you a cell phone about 4 years ago and have been following your updates ever since. You keep getting better and better. Nice work!!