Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Commissions and 3 New Books!

Well, it's been a while but I'm trying to adjust to my new schedule of doing comics full time! Which is really exciting but I had a TON of extraneous freelance jobs I had to wrap up so I could get going on comics -- which left no time for blogs or email answering. Anyway, now I'm free -- I've finished the scripts and layouts for two new graphic novels -- Giant Man for Dark Horse and another Super Secret 176 page graphic novel that a Different Publisher won't let me announce yet -- which is driving me crazy to keep secret but I don't want to mess up the marketing, etc. so I'll keep my mouth shut until I'm told to open it. But I'm writing and drawing both of these books. ALSO I'm going to finish up the script for the follow up to Super Spy -- "Super Natural" by the end of the year so I should have that finished for 2009 (from Top Shelf) as well.

That's my work update -- I'm inking Giant Man now and I'm averaging about 4 pages of inked pages a day so I should be done in 4-6 more weeks.

In the meantime -- here are some images from some commissions I did at San Diego Con this summer. San Diego was a blast -- had dinner with editors and writers I've always wanted to meet and talked to TONS of people and did lots of drawings. I'll post more of those in the next few weeks until I have some more finished Giant Man art to preview.


Bang-Utot said...

sounds great, i´m reading "super spy" now,it´s very good, i like the way you explore the possibilities of a novel-form work (registers,above all).most of graphic novellists just stick to the plot, tell a story from head to toe and that´s it.this ain´t bad (just look at "maus" or "watchmen"), but i´m much more interested in creating and reading heterogeneous,yet organic, ouvres.

good luck!

i added you as a Facebook friend, do you use it?

Chris Schweizer said...

Woo! I've been checking this blog regularly, waiting for the most recent Kindty goodness... can't wait to see Giant Man.

And you, at SPX? You going?

Matt Kindt said...

Thanks for checking back in on the ol' blog guys! And no -- no SPX for me -- I was obligated to go to the Baltimore Con and SPX is the very next weekend and I just couldn't do 2 shows in 2 weeks -- even though I really want to be at SPX. Chris -- your book is debuting there right? Ugh. I wish I was going!

smoky man said...

Hi Matt,
can't wait for more Super-Spy.
That Black Lagoon illo was a blast!

From Italy

Jp Pollard said...

"That's my work update -- I'm inking Giant Man now and I'm averaging about 4 pages of inked pages a day so I should be done in 4-6 more weeks."

4 PAGES A DAY!!! WOW! I assume thats only the inking and not the penciling, but still very impressive. Do you use nib for anything or is it all brush? Also, what size do you work at?

Matt Kindt said...

4 pages a day is inks only -- I was doing an average of 7 or 8 pages a week on Super Spy -- but that was writing, penciling and inking -- and it nearly killed my love of comics by the end of the year. So I'm trying to pace myself now so I can enjoy it! I use a brush for everything unless it's some super tiny detail and then I'll use a small pen but rarely do I do that. The size I work at is around -- 150% I think. I'm no good at math -- all I know is that I have to reduce the art about 60-65% for the finals.

Bavarian Erin said...

I love the Starman pic, mostly because it was my husband that commissioned it! We love it very much and we are looking forward to getting another this year!