Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Criterion Collection!

Had a fun project this week - an illustration for a poster to promote a new film festival that Criterion (the best DVD publisher/designer out there) is promoting next month. I had a tough choice - choosing between Repulsion and The Night of the Hunter. I ended up doing the Robert Mitchum movie only because I immediately thought of an image to draw even though I think I like Repulsion as a movie a little more. After I was done I really regretted not coming up with an image where I could have drawn Robert Mitchum's face. Next time.

Also - over the summer I've written more pages of comics in a shorter amount of time then I ever have before. Since the spring I've written and thumbnailed 1200 pages worth of comics and written full-lenth pitches for two on-going series ideas. Waiting to hear on the on-going series stuff but the other 1200 pages will be turned into graphic novels over the course of this fall, winter and spring for 2011. It's nice to be in a place where I know what books I'm doing next but I also have the plots and layouts completely nailed down as well. The hard work is over - time to just plug away on drawing until it's all done. See you in the spring!


jedidiah ayres said...


Paul M. said...

I really liked this. I ended up doing Repulsion in the end.

Anonymous said...

this is great. -Max

Brian said...

This is amazing! I saw them all on the Criterion page, and yours was my favorite of the lot. Nice work!

Jon Burr said...


Wonderful! Speaking of little-known classic films - and I may have mentioned this when I met you at Baltimore ComiCon - you absolutely NEED to get a copy of The Kremlin Letter. It's Huston's stab at The Cold War. If that doesn't convince you, howzabout this: Orson Welles, George Saunders, Max Von Sydown, and Richard Boone. If those 4 names don't have you intrigued, well, then, I've misjudged you.

Keep it up, Kindt!

Jon Burr
weird musician guy you met at BaltiCon, with the worn out copy of SuperSpy