Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Studio. New Books.

I think I've written more comic book pages this year than I have in my entire career combined so far -- 1200 pages of script that will be my next 3 books: Super Natural, End of the World, and Strange Crimes. It feels good to have these books "in-the-can" story-wise so now it's just a matter of production. Drawing, inking, painting. To celebrate (or at least to help me get it all done) -- my new studio is finally done being built! Here's a photo...can't wait to start drawing. [Also pictured -- my mom and daughter.]


Kendall said...

Yay for new studio!!!

Chris Schweizer said...

Looks good, Mr. Kindt!

1200 pages baffles me beyond all possible comprehension.

Walter Ostlie said...

Just saw the page for revolver on the vertigo website. Sounds very interesting, can't wait to read it.

Anonymous said...

So does having the new studio mean that Stratton's should fear getting less business from you now, Matt? Ha! Can't wait to see the show at Star Clipper later this month.
--Jason B.