Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Giant Man Script

I'm working on two graphic novels simultaneously so I'll be switching posts back and forth -- from Super Natural (for Top Shelf) to Giant Man (for Dark Horse). This week I finally finished the script and thumbnails for the entire book -- it clocked in at around 160 pages not including a section of annotations at the end written in the voice of one of the characters. I'm posting the thumbnails for the first nine pages and the working script below. Usually the script is hand-written as well -- and usually I only write dialogue if there is any, but in this case, working with my favorite Dark Horse editor ever, I wanted to make sure everything was clear and easy to understand so I fleshed out and detailed the script a little more than normal. Working for Top Shelf, I usually just pencil everything and send them the scans to look over and in the case of Super Spy, I just finished the whole thing and then they proofed it. But, with a new editor and publisher I was a little nervous and didn't want to take any chances. Once the book is finished, I'll post the entire thing but for now I don't want to blow any of the plot turns, etc.

Here's the script:

Three Story: The History of the Giant Man

Working Script, March 2008

Page 1
Marge is old, staring at flowered wallpaper and last panel is of fingers playing trumpet.

Marge VO: The Louis Armstrong song on the radio starts to bring it all back and for a minute or a second, helps to dull the pain.

He loved Louis. I didn’t care for him but I could see why Craig did – something rough and kind about him all at the same time.

Page 2
Young Marge and Craig embrace – his face is dark and then comes into focus – they speak but the words are fuzzy from memory

Marge VO:Funny now how I can’t imagine his face exactly. And his voice – I can remember the rhythm of it but not HIS voice. More just the things he said.

Page 3
1. Marge’s feet in kitchen
2. Marge walking to kitchen table
3. Marge sitting at kitchen table

Page 4
1. Close up of Craig’s army trunk
2. Empty living room with glass trinkets on shelves.
3. Marge in kitchen alone with letter on table.

Page 5
1. Craig proposing to Marge.
2. Embracing.
3. Closeup of black and white photo.
4. Long shot of wedding black and white photo.

Marge VO: I try to think -- no -- try not to. I wasn’t here just to bring Craig Jr. into the world. But who would know? There’s nothing left of me or him. Not really.

Page 6
Marge VO: A dozen roses. He sent them from who-know-where in France. Amazing to me really how a world away – he could do that. It almost seemed like magic.
1. Roses on kitchen counter.
2. Craig in burned out WW2 city.
3. Craig walking through burned out city.

Page 7
1. Door inside burned out building.
2. Craig kicking door in
3. Craig getting shot at by hiding german soldier
4. Craig shooting the german soldier
5. Walking up stairs of building.
6. Walking up to roof of building

Page 8
1. Roof of building
2. Craig and Other Guy walking onto roof
3. Craig and Other Guy looking around for more soldiers and sniper

Page 9
1. Other Guy in foreground – Craig behind yells “sniper!”
2. Other Guy: Where? Craig: There!
3. Bullet plunks off of Other Guy’s helmet
4. Craig takes a shot at the sniper

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