Sunday, February 24, 2008

Comics = Work?

Well, this is the first year of working in comics since 2000 that I'm actually doing more comics then any other kind of work (freelance design, illustration, etc.). And it's fun. If you do anything long enough it starts to seem like work but so far I can't seem to work enough. Can't remember if I posted this yet or not but I just signed a contract with Dark Horse to publish my next graphic novel "3 Story: The History of the Giant Man" which is all about a guy that keeps growing and growing until he's three stories tall. It's told from the point of view of his mom, wife and then daughter and spans the 1940 through the 60s. I'll post some art and preliminary sketches when I get a chance.

Also I'm busy finishing the writing on my next graphic novel for Top Shelf -- official title now IS "Super Natural". I posted some preliminary sketches earlier but I've changed a few things and finished the first 12 pages or so of the art. Full color, etc. Haven't done any of the lettering yet but here's some of the raw art so far. Houdini under water!

And just realized that I need to have about 500 pages of comic art done by December of this year. I'll probably be panicking by October but right now I can't wait to get everything going.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for your future projects to come out! Anyone of them being published in hardcover?

Good luck with the projects.

Matt Kindt said...

Hi! Thanks! Yes -- Super Natural and 3 Story (Giant Man) are both coming out in hardcover! Thanks in part to Super Spy selling out!

Anonymous said...

What are the beautiful Houdini panels from?

Matt Kindt said...

The Houdini panels are from the first chapter in my book "Super Natural" which I'm working on now -- it should be completed by the end of the year. I'll post some more panels from it in the next couple weeks after I get them lettered. Thanks!

smoky man said...

great news, Matt. Can't wait to read the boosk. I looove the Houdini pannel!

A big ciao
From Sardinia, Italy
smoky man

mom of the year said...

WOW! Awesome. Don't panic. I'll find some Paxil for you. OH WAIT! It's already in the water. Drink up!