Friday, October 1, 2010

You Are Wild Dog!

Finished up the last of my commissions for a while -- until I finish penciling Strange Crimes. I'm 120 pages into Strange Crimes with about 80 pages to go. About half-way through the pencils though, I came up with an idea to an extra chapter I want to do -- which is probably another 10-12 pages so it may end up a little longer. That's the part of the comic writing process I love -- the fluid nature of it -- the ability to come up with ideas along the way and just fold them into the finished product.

Got a great Wild Dog commission -- a character I liked back when I was younger -- and sort of strikes me as the pre-Punisher. Also did a pin-up for a good friend of mine Chris Schweizer who does a series of books "Crogan's Adventures." Highly recommended -- he'd told me the idea for his series years ago in San Diego when I first met him and I knew that if he had the guts to back up his words -- he'd be doing an incredible series of books -- and he is.