Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mary Marvel?

Yep -- first Mary Marvel drawing...ever. Kinda fun -- also had a few other commissions this week (actually a couple weeks ago but I'm way behind). X-Men #1 re-imagining and my favorite one this week was just a "detective guy in an office". Sometimes the more vague the better. I spent a lot of time thinking about that one and came up with this. Kind of my homage to Edward Hopper really. While I was working on this one it gave me a really neat idea for this art show that's coming up here in St. Louis next month. Stay tuned to see what it is (and if I can get it to work right) -- it involves light boxes and multi-layred drawings!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Girl with Guns

One of the most challenging but fun things that I started doing this year was convention sketches. Commissions via e-mail are pretty easy. I'm at home and I can take my time and work the sketch out and relax. At a convention you're usually on the spot, someone is either waiting for you to finish it or actually standing over you and watching you draw. I don't mind it though -- I like to imagine I'm performing or something like a musician making the stuff up on the spot and improvising. Sometimes it works out great, other times you wish you could get the drawing back. Well, when that happens usually I scrap it and start over and nobody sees it (unlike a live musician). Anyway, I did this convention sketch in Chicago over the summer and forgot to snap a photo -- but luckily the person I did it for, posted it on-line and I found it. The request was for a "girl with guns".